Be The Church

Beginning Sunday, June 11th we will kick off "Be The Church" on Sunday evenings.  As Pastor Joe envisioned it in his message a few weeks ago, Be The Church is a time to connect 1L families and small groups to our community.

Here are some ideas of things you might choose to do.

• Go out to eat with your class and invite a neighbor.

• Go Bowling either as a Sunday School class or with other 1L families.

• Have a block party with your class and invite your neighbors.

• On June 18th take all of the fathers out for ice cream for Fathers Day.

• Go to the movies.

• Host a pool party for your class and their friends.

• Have a friendly game of softball.

• Meet your class at Chuck E. Cheese with the kids and grandkids.

• Invite 10 people to come to the God & Country Celebration on July 2nd.

• Go to the Salvation Army to serve a meal.

• Go 4 Wheeling with your class.